Assessing the Accuracy of Structure Models Using Functional Predictions

Welcome to ResiRole, a protein structure model assessment technique based on predictions of functional sites mapped to specific residues. The ResiRole site contains the results of automated analyses performed weekly on various structure prediction techniques regarding their attempts to model experimentally determined protein structures prior to their release in the Protein Data Bank. The structure prediction techniques analyzed have web servers which provide structure prediction results to the public at their respective web servers and are all participants of the Continuous Automated Evaluation (CAMEO) project. Displayed are the averages of two performance metrics of the structure prediction techniques calculated over time frames ranging from one week to one year.

To view the assessment results, select a time interval from the drop-down menu above. For a description of the methods and weekly pipeline see the documentation tab.

If you utilize data on this site for your work, please cite the following reference:

Joshua M Toth, Paul J DePietro, Juergen Haas, William A McLaughlin, ResiRole: Residue-Level Functional Site Predictions to Gauge the Accuracies of Protein Structure Prediction Techniques, Bioinformatics, btaa712,